The giCASES project facilitates the collaborative creation, management and sharing of Geographic Information knowledge

GIS training Case Studies developed between industrial partners and universities

Open training resources developed by the project for the GIS community

giCASES is a Knowledge Alliance project under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission
In the Geographic Information sector there is a gap between the knowledge currently being offered by the Universities and the knowledge and skills requested by the enterprises and public authorities.

This is partly due to a fast technological development but also due to recent societal changes, for instance the EU INSPIRE Directive and the e-government action plans within the member states.

The giCASES project has developed new methods for co-creation of knowledge, where industrial partners and universities have created together new case based learning material.

The resulting new learning material and collaborative teaching has been tested in university settings. The Case Studies have been developed developed using a collaborative approach, where enterprises, universities and also students collaborate.

The giCASES initiative will continue after the end of the project through the constitution of an open giCASES Alliance.

Join the giCASES Alliance now and take benefits from a transnational university-business network.