Best Practices

This section aims at collecting experiences on joint creation and management of knowledge and collaborative initiatives at European level involving universities and enterprises in the domain of GI and other sectors.

This is a continously updated repository of relevant examples of collaboration between the academic sector and the private and governmental sectors. Please help us on expanding and keeping up to date this repository and contribute by filling in a short survey.

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Best Practices

Among the many responses collected with the survey, we have identified a small group of what in our opinion represent the “best practices”. These activities have been selected mainly because they are a good example of cooperation between Universities and companies, in order to deliver a better and more effective teaching experience to students.

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Title of the practice
Description of the practice
UCCrowd “Universities-Companies Crowdsourcing” The Challenge Academy offers to companies and research centres the chance to select new resources and discover young talent.
LaPS (Lake Poli School) Lake Poli School (LaPS) was an annual initiative which took place at Politecnico di Milano aimed at nearing students to companies and real problems
Blended Academic International Mobility The aim of the project is to remodel international mobility and empower students’ employability by means of blended mobility.
UNIGIS distance learning modules UNIGIS is a worldwide network of universities cooperating since 1990 in the design and delivery of distance learning in Geographical Information Systems and Science.
SuGIK – Sustainable Geographic Information Knowledge Transfer for Postgraduate Education The SuGIK project aimed at increasing the number of skilled GIS&T professionals in Cape Verde and Mozambique through the development of a best practice model consortium of EU-ACP higher education institutions.
GISIG Training Framework GISIG has developed a Training Framework to integrate different training experiences and contents in order to provide the SDI Community with a variety of training opportunities.