Best Practices: Collaborative initiatives at European level involving universities and enterprises in the domain of GI.

UNIGIS distance learning modules


UNIGIS is a worldwide network of universities cooperating since 1990 in the design and delivery of distance learning in Geographical Information Systems and Science. UNIGIS members offer a postgraduate Certificate, a Diploma, and Masters courses. The network also works together in research and curriculum development activities.

UNIGIS cooperates with a prestigious network of Technology Partners and Institutions to achieve high academic standards and application-oriented skills within an up-to-date working environment. UNIGIS provides distance-learning modules targeted to professionals: spatial-data modelling, databases, spatial operations, data acquisition and quality, spatial thinking, visualization, project management, project analysis, remote sensing, and professional GIS software.

Some of the UNIGIS modules are developed in a cooperation between academic and industrial partners. The development of the core syllabus is the academic part, the implementation (including practical application) is accomplished by industrial partners.

The structure of the modules is predefined. The content is updated twice a year; therefore, an exchange of documents is necessary. A major revision of UNIGIS modules is scheduled every three years.

Methologies used

An interaction is possible between University and industrial partners. Indeed, UNIGIS meets the needs of the GI industry and provide an understanding of the conceptual, technical and organisational aspects of GIScience. UNIGIS International Association cooperates with leading vendors in the GIS industry.

Technology Partners offer support to the network through contributions to workshops and distance learning materials, free licenses, discounted products such as software, access to Web-based training courses and access to state-of-the-art technology in the GIS field, etc.