Best Practices: Collaborative initiatives at European level involving universities and enterprises in the domain of GI.

GISIG Training Framework


GISIG is a sectoral non-profit association on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and on Geographical Information (GI). Its member organisations (from more than 20 EU Countries) operate mostly on territorial and environmental subjects.

As far as training actions are concerned, GISIG has been active since its constitution in 1992 as sectoral UETP (University-Enterprise Training Partnership) in the GIS technologies within the former European COMETT Programme promoting, in the following years, several initiatives in line with its original mandate of innovation and technology transfer in the field of Geographical Information and related applications. Since then, several training projects were promoted within the COMETT and after LEONARDO DA VINCI Programmes, in the last years also organising conferences and training courses in the field of GI for environmental management. GISIG is also promoter of SDICs (Spatial Data Interest Communities) within the INSPIRE initiative.

The GISIG association has developed a Training Framework to integrate different training experiences and contents in order to provide the SDI Community with a variety of training opportunities.

The Training Framework is an online infrastructure accessible from different initiatives web site, offering to partners and target groups the possibility of training about project, contents and outcomes.

Methologies used

The developments of training material is done following an organisational schema based in the collaboration betwen the authors and tutors of the training material and the publishers and responsibles of the training maintenance and delivery. Very often, training material is co-created and ownership is shared.

The training framework is made of a number of components

  • Catalog of Training Modules
  • Detailed descriptions of the training material (Metadata)
  • Learning paths for the identified job-user profiles
  • An E-learning platform hosting a set of interoperable internet courses for different research and development projects.

Technologies used

  • Knowledge and resources sharing
  • Training actions and workshops organisation
  • Project management tools (Redmine)
  • e-leaning tools (Moodle)
  • Multimedia, web-lectures, webinars
  • Presentations with voice, screencasts, plain text lectures, exercises



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